"He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young."
~ Isaiah 40: 11

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dearly Beloved...

Last weekend my oldest cousin Kate got married. The wedding was extremely beautiful and the reception was so much fun. Lots of good food and crazy dancing. I have never seen my uncle get down the way he did - people tend to reveal new sides to them when they dance! Overall it was a great weekend. I spoke in the wedding - well, I read 1 John 4:7-12. These verses are special to me. I love the part where it says that we did not love God first but He loved us and showed His love by sending His Son as an atoning sacrifice. For some reason the words atoning sacrifice have permanently stuck in my mind and cut deep into my heart. I will let you know what the Holy Spirit does with this. Here are some pictures of the wedding...

The weekend was a blast. Hanging out with family that I have not seen in over a year. Dancing and eating good food plus sneaking in some golf with my dad - bliss on earth!

Until next time - oh so soon...

So I have not kept this blog up-to-date, whoops! With Graduate School, moving, and transitioning the months have flown by. Here is a brief summary of life now. I am living in Atlanta, have a new (used) car, and am making new friends in the Atl. Between getting back from Taiwan and going to graduate school my family and I took a trip to Italy. We had never taken a big, foreign, family vacation and it was a lot of fun. Plus my youngest sister, Suz, celebrated her 21st birthday on the trip - I was envious! Here are some pictures of the Lewis family adventure to Rome and Florence.

As the pictures show we had a fabulous time. It was an intense trip, full of new sights and lots of history. Ironically enough I am now taking a class on Mediterranean History! God has a sense of humor.
Until next time... which will be sooner than last!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Lake

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite places... the lake. There is a lake close to where I grew up and I have so many memories of swimming, skiing, and playing with friends. It is so relaxing and calm there. I needed some good R&R after jetlag. My family and I plus Suzanne's beau, Tracey, went swimming and enjoyed a boat ride as the sun was setting. It was a great opportunity to catch up with my family and spend some time in communion with the Lord. I actually fell asleep praying! I fell asleep in my Father's arms, what a comforting image.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I ended my 30 hour plus journey home with a great welcome home present. My entire family was waiting for me with signs and balloons in hand. I was so tired but so glad to see them. Too tired to cry. We had a Lewis family hug right in the middle of the airport. My sister Missy said, "Now are family is complete again." To be missed does make me feel loved. Here are some pictures and just to warn you I don't look my best. After spending almost 20 hours on airplanes and another 10 hours in airports waiting for airplanes I looked ragged.

I got home way early Tuesday morning (2am) and so it has been about 5 days since I have been home. I feel as though I have just been thrown out of a time warp or something. I am having to catch up with people's lives and with many changes that have happened in our home and in the city. I began driving again for the first time in 10 months and stuck to the small less trafficky roads for a few days to get my driving legs back. It took a little time to feel comfortable driving again. Yesterday I drove on a main road for the first time and I did well. The big challenge will be driving on the interstate next week!

Jetlag is really a monster - I find myself falling asleep around 8pm and waking up at 5 or 6, which if you know me well I do not normally wake up without an alarm at 6am it's more like 9 or 10am. However, I feel better each day.

When I got home I had the priviledge to meet Missy's dog Emmie for the first time. She is adorable. She looks like a mop head. She is so low to the ground and her fur is so long that I could use her to clean the floor! She is so floppy and playful. I love her. She took to me really well. I haven't been around a puppy in a while so it is really fun.

Well, I am off to enjoy a day reading, swimming, and spending time with my family. We are having barbeque chicken - a food that I have missed dearly all this year. Oh and by the way I had my first avocado after 10 months and it ROCKED. I missed that food so much. It is funny the things that I found myself missing in Taiwan.

Until next time...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Last night in Taipei

Well, this will be the last post I write from Taiwan. I leave tomorrow morning for my long trek home to Augusta, Ga. I am excited to see all of my family and the dogs and cats. I know there will be many subtle and big changes that have happened that I will have to get used to. I know that I have changed here but cannot verbalize thoses changes. As I reflect on my time here the biggest thing that God has taught me and is continuing to remind me is that it is important to make time to just be in His presence to let Him Father me. When I allow myself to just be in God's presence He fills me with the truths and promises of his glory and then the Holy Spirit can use me to reflect His grace and mercy. Basically: My life's is not about me. I just want to enjoy each moment, even the boring ones, in God's presence for He is my most constant companion. He desires me to dwell in Him and I ask for prayers as I make the transition home that I would continue to rely on God's promises even when the temptations to doubt loom large. I will try to take some pictures of my reunion with my family. I can't believe that I will be seeing them in less a day.

Tzi Jian...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

How much is the puppy in the window?

As I and my friends walk down to Zhuwei - the city nearby - we have to pass a pet store. The store has four cages with small and extremely cute puppies in them. The puppies are usually asleep when we pass them going down the hill and wired when we make our way back to the college. It is always a surprise to see which ones have sold and or if another puppy has been added to the mix. All of the are precious and there are many times where the thought of taking one of them home has crossed my mind. I have taken some photos instead. The owners of the pet shop are very nice and graciously let me take pictures.
Here are some of the little puppies that are in the window right now - I hope they find a good home soon:

Soaking up some last minute fun

Many people have taken me out to dinner or lunch the last couple of days to say goodbye. Yesterday, Barbara, May, Judy, and I went to an incredibly unique restaurant. To me the outside looked a bit like a sand castle. Creativity abounded - from the design of the chairs to the bowls and plates. We had a great time laughing and eating great food. As a going away gift Barbara gave me a little Starbucks "bearista" bear that is dressed up in the official Starbucks work outfit. Even though I am not a huge "stuffed animal" fan this one is special because I was a Barista at Starbucks only a year ago.
The loving response from people as I leave Taiwan has been overwhelming. Most people ask me if I will ever come back to Taiwan. I have decided to respond like this: if the Lord gives me an opportunity and opens a door for me to come back (either long or short term) I will be on the first plane.
Here are some pictures of our time at the Dime Boat Restaurant:

It is hard for me to believe that by this time next week I will on the other side of the world. Less than two days left... Emotionally I am numb - it will hit me in a few weeks. I am ready to see my family and enjoy some time with them before I head off to graduate school.

FYI: I will write a few more times before I leave and I will keep the blog updated this summer...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Little Emmie

So I have been hearing many fun stories about my sister's little puppy Emmie. She sounds like a handful. As Missy says, "she never meets a stranger." People love her and even my parent's hyper, dominant yet lovable papyllon, Toby, likes her. Well, I received some pictures of beloved Emmie after her first hair cut. Apparently the bow did not last very long!!! I can't wait to meet this character of a dog. Kudos to her for fitting right into our crazy family.

Monday, June 30, 2008

English Department Barbecue in Pictures

Last week I said goodbye to many friends - colleagues and students. Here are some pictures of our English Department Barbecue where the team gave me a book of Taiwan and all signed it. I had a great time eating grilled barbeque chicken (the first in 10 months!!!) and fellowshipping with everyone.

It was a bunch of fun. A great way to say goodbye.

The Greatest Gift...

Today I mustered up the courage to ask Helen, one of the Chinese staff at the college, where I could buy a Taiwanese flag. She did one better - she gave me one that the college uses. I am fit to be tied. Not only do I now have my own Taiwanese flag but it is one from Christ's College. Thank you so much Helen and Kevin for this gift - it is so meaningful. Because this just happened I have no picture but I will be sure to add one when I take one.
So excited...


So last week I went on a short vacation. Kenting is on the southern coast of Taiwan. The little town has a vibrant street market at night and beautiful views of the ocean and bays. In one day we saw the Taiwan Strait, the Bashi Strait, and the Pacific Ocean. The waves were strong and I loved just listening to the constant roar of the ocean. My friend Fiona and I went all over the area enjoying different sights. We did a little hiking, lots of motorcycle riding and hours of chilling at Starbucks. One funny (not so funny for my body) thing that happened was that I got sunburned really bad on one small area of my legs - I wore shorts and didn't think about putting sunscreen on my legs so a hand-size area of my thighs got "fried." It's pretty funny now that's not as painful because you can see exactly how I rode on the cycle!! Fiona got a nice looking watch tan and sunglass tan - which I gave her the fun nickname of goggle eyes!
All in all it was a great time of chilling, enjoying the beauty of this country, and escaping the busyness of life.
Here are some pictures...

My mom and I have to see the ocean at least once a year - it is just a must. This trip was my "ocean experience" this year. It was unique and fun.

Now I am back in Taipei and packing away. 7 days and counting until I go home.

Until next time...

Friday, June 27, 2008

So this me living it up at Kenting - the southern tip of Taiwan. The waves were turquoise and big. The sand was beautiful and the water clear. We rode a motorcycle all over and saw great views of the ocean. It was great to hear the waves and let the water rush over my toes. I am back now in Taipei and trying to enjoy my last week in the country.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crazy crazy CRAZY

Life is so hectic right now I can't see straight. So I am not going to be posting anything elaborate but I wanted to share a song that sums up how I am feeling right now. All the activities and things that I am doing are great but just happening all at once.

Time Takes a Toll on us
By: Bebo Norman

Have I become a soul so numb
All too familiar
Words of gold have all grown cold
Over and overI need to see you in the sunrise
Time takes its toll on us
And it tries its best just to steal our love
And we bend and we break but we don't give up
Time takes its toll on us
From the start you touched my heart
And turned it in to something more
Beautiful, you're beautiful
So why does it have to be so hard
To see you in the sunrise
Time takes, time takes away
Love remains, love remains

Here are just a few pictures of the week:

Mrs. Barbara and Dr. David White (MTW team members) celebrated their 50th anniversary. We had a party for them at the school on Friday. It was fun - I made a powerpoint of many pictures throughout their fifty years of marriage as a surprise gift. It was a fun project.

Well, I will write more soon. Right now I am too pooped!

Until next time...